Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Asian Koel Visits Our Backyard - Everyday !!

Sunday morning,7 am,chilly breeze,peculiar of the month of October.Standing on the terrace,as I was waiting for the warm rays of the sun,springing from the east like golden arrows to penetrate my insensate skin,I caught a glimpse of a fairly large flecked bird landing on one of the branches of the Mango tree.Excited and enthralled by this discovery,I carefully moved closer ,careful not to make it aware of my presence.After a few seconds of admiration, I quickly realized that it was a sight worth capturing on camera.Out came my DSC H-10.The bird noticed it,trying to hide itself in the canopy.I did not want to let go of this beautiful moment and tried desperately to locate it.There it was but again the bird was quick to make a move.It landed on the fence this time and I made sure that I had captured atleast one shot before it flew away.

After analysing the photo,it was clear that the bird was a female Asian Koel. It has been regularly visiting our backyard since then.