Monday, June 1, 2009

Its Roosting Time !

Its Roosting Time...Dont disturb please !

A Spotted Dove (Streptopelia chinensis) roosting among the fallen leaves at about noon time.These birds are often seen roosting,largly on the roof tops of houses and even on the ground.A nice capture indeed.


  1. Dear Harshit,

    Nice blog.

    I have a point to make. The birds resting in the daytime are not to be considered as roosting. Roosting by definition, for diurnal birds, begins at Sunset and ends by Sunrise (+/- 't' time) where, 't' may measure between 30-45min.
    For nocturnal birds like Black-crowned Night Heron, roosting commences by Sunrise and ends at Sunset(+/- 't' time). Nocturnal birds are known to return to roost in the middle of their feeding slots (you may call this as 'resting'). While, this phenomenon is unknown in diurnal birds except may be in Heronries.
    So the conclusion is, Spotted Dove is resting on the ground.
    But it is interesting to note Spotted Doves roosting on ground by night. Can you please share some details of this?

    Sqn Ldr SS Mahesh
    Deputy Director Flight Safety
    New Delhi

  2. Hello Sqn Ldr SS Mahesh

    Would like your contact details for your acoustic box emitting sounds to drive away pigeons. I understand you are the CEO of Grus Ecosciences, Bangalore


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