Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The babbler chick who lost its way

Getting ready to hit the gym ,I heard some feeble sounds presumably being uttered out by the young ones of some bird.Quite intrigued and excited,I rushed outside to find out which bird species it belonged to.Jungle babblers were ransacking the leaves since morning and taking the catch to a branch of the mango tree few yards away.Although the branch was not visible due to the obstruction being caused by the wall,I could make out from the behaviour of the birds and their constant chattering that they were possibly feeding their young ones.After a while of searching for the nest from every possible angle and giving up ultimately,I noticed some movement in the heap of leaves lying in the backyard.Scrutinizing for a while,it became rather evident that it was a small bird that was trying to move forward.It seemed to be a juvenile jungle babbler !! Excited by the find,I placed the chick in a tub as there were crows and other predators nearby and tried feeding it some puffed rice but to no avail.The surprising thing for me was that the bird was seemingly unaware of its young one lying on the ground.It was busy searching the leaves for any prey that could be fed to the other chicks perched on the branch. A few hours later,its mother realized that its chick was missing.As soon as she realized this,she came to the rescue,giving instructions that were quite obviously not possible for me to comprehend.The chick obeyed and ultimately it was led onto the branch.Happy ending indeed ! 


  1. Nice article!!
    A little bit difficult to me, because you use many words unknown for me.... But with the help of the dictionary I could go through.

  2. nice to have the chick resqued... nice blog, i'll have it linked to mine.. happy birding!

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  6. Very cute picture of chick. Nice blog.

  7. Dear Harshit

    Please let me know the cameras to click the birds at least 30 meters far away and for general wildlife photography.

  8. Hi Harshit, this is a nice birding blog you have here. Why don't you update it anymore?

  9. Hello Harshit,
    I must say that you have a lovely Blog. Such detailed post. I just read all of them!!!
    But why dont you update it...plz dont let go the birder in should keep posting...where ever you are...
    all the best. Keep it up !!!

    1. Hi Shaleen, I've revived this blog and will try to update it regularly :)...Thanks for dropping by and providing me the inspiration to continue posting :)

  10. I like the chick though!! cutie!! <3


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