Friday, July 11, 2008

Nesting of Purple-rumped Sunbird - Part II

We have been keenly observing the activities at the nest and were getting restless since even after a fortnight the female still continued incubation!

Ultimately, since yesterday (10 April i.e. almost after 19 days!)) we noticed different activity and behaviour of the female. It seems that the eggs are hatched and the female has started feeding the chicks. However, this feeding behaviour is quite peculiar. She does not seem to bring anything apparent in her beak. She perches over the entrance and feeds the chicks with something unnoticed. Could it be nectar? Possible, because she visits various nectar-flowers in our garden and then gets back to the nest. We have not seen her bringing any insects. Or is it that she swallows and the regurgates the same to the chicks? We don't know and it is difficult to observe since one cannot see inside of the nest. The female remains perched at the entrance for quite sometime, looking all around and not bothered of anyone's presence.

The other peculiar observation is that the male is not involved in any of the 'bringing up' activities until now! He occassionally just hangs around, mainly in the mornings. Does he have another female nesting somewhere else? Interesting to know!

Our Sandal tree where the nest is located is fruting profusely and is being visited by many other birds. A few koels (males and females) have almost adopted the tree. We keep wondering if one of the koels would attempt to parasitise this nest! Looks difficult, but koels are known to play all such gimmics while making the others to bring up their offsprings.

Shall keep you posted about the progress.

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