Wednesday, July 2, 2008

White-Eye Strange Nesting Behaviour !

I recently noticed a white eye nesting in my backyard in a litchi tree 2 days ago.. The bird was going to a nearby branch , plucking out its feathers and then returning to the nest.. It used the feathers to strengthen the nest structure... Today , at 8:30 am , 2 white-eyes were seen running after each other , possibly trying to scare each other away.

But as i went closer to the nest ,i noticed that a white-eye was sitting inside it ,as if incubating the eggs..But just then another white eye came to the nest , and the previous one flew away so rapidly to my neighbour's house as if it was being attacked ..The second one took its place in the nest and sat in the same posture !! What could be the reason for this unusual behaviour ??...Looking forward to your replies !


  1. Many birds are being brought up by both parents, during the incubation period, the females are the main incubator, but males will come in to take their place when the female went off to look for food, but overall females usually are incubating in a longer period of time. Birds are very sensitive near their nests, they will chase away intruders and will observe any larger intruders (predators) nearby to avoid being tracked back to their nests. During the change of incubation shift, it should be a fast period, where one will dash off as another dash in.... possibly for far observants, it is just like a bird flew pass the shrubs.

  2. I'd observed similar nesting behavior in the Common Coots [Fulica atra].


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