Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starlings Exhibiting Local Migration

On 4 th April,2008 (Dehradun) hoardes of birds were seen hovering in the sky above, flying together in flocks, when i returned from school after an exam at round-about 12:30 pm.I scurried inside the house to pick up my binoculars and identify the birds.

About 40-50 birds had settled down on the Bamboo tree just opposite my house .Some of them were medium sized with an orangish belly area and greyish above, some were almost the size of a sparrow,having a round greyish head and forked tail ,while the others were small in size and rose coloured.It was very difficult for me to identify them since they spent most of their time flying and perched on the bamboo only for a minute or two.

After trying hard to identify them for almost 2 hours ,i was finally able to reach the conclusion that one flock consisted of starlings of various kinds such as the Grey-headed Starling,Spot-winged Starling,Brahminy Starling,Common Starling,Asian pied Starling ,but the important thing was that there was not one myna in the flock.

The Second flock which consisted of birds much smaller in size was identified comprising of different kinds of finches such as the Plain Mountain Finch,Common Rosefinch,Dark-breasted Rosefinch,Pink- browed Rosefinch . The second important thing is that not of these birds from either of the two flocks is normally seen in Dehradun,which goes on to show that all these birds exhibit Local Migration in summers

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